Are copper interiors still on trend?

Whilst many trends come and go, the popularity of rose gold and more so copper in interior design has reached stratospheric heights.

This initial trend, which originated from fashion accessories, has been around for a few years. But, unlike so many trends, this trend looks set to stay!

From wallpapers and lighting, to furniture and accessories, this rich metallic is taking over Pinterest boards around the world.

This popularity could be due to the shades suitability in both contemporary and more traditional interiors. And, unlike other metallics, it looks sensational as stand alone shade.

A perfect shade in a bathroom…

The opulent shades of Hague blue and teal are a perfect partner to copper. Whilst rich and almost decadent in their tones, the warmth of its accent makes them an ideal combination.

A feature copper bath looks fabulous with a simple backdrop of luscious teal. Equally, a bathroom that uses marble and copper brassware has timeless appeal.

Smoky greys, charcoal and even neutrals also work with copper, to achieve stunning visual results.

Obviously it’s not limited to bathrooms. It’s the perfect partner with blush pink, palest grey and even mid oak tones.

Consider a wall covering with copper accents?

Rather than over power with copper in an interior, be sure to use it as an accent only. There are many wallcoverings that contain metallic accents, and Pinterest certainly features many of them. Geometrics, textures and even feathers are just some of the patterns available.

Alternatively, lighting and especially pendant or wirework shades might be the only necessary feature to introduce copper. This burst of colour at eyelevel will add impact to the interior space and cohesively unite the overall scheme.

With so much choice around, you might be tempted to use this stunning shade everywhere. But, on the basis that less is often more, use copper sparingly for maximum impact and effect.

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