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Designer Connections
Designer Connections acts as a networking hub for Interior Designers, Architects, Property Developers and unique suppliers. Be it in Design, Construction or Supply, to built environment projects, our platform is used to better 'connect' and 'develop' creative brilliance through networking events and CPD seminars provided by our partners. Additionally, we provide valuable free services to Interior Design and Architectural practices throughout the UK and Ireland. Please see our 'free services' page for more information.

We are proud to have developed an approach that meets its core aim of 'connecting Brilliance' and would be delighted to help in any way we can.

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Free Services
There are no annual fees for an Interior Designer or Architect to benefit from Designer Connections free services; funded by partner sponsorship we proudly invest in the free services we offer, such as:

  • PR and Editorial in relevant publications
  • Business development - Property developer introductions
  • Project blogs - have your projects discussed in our well regarded blogs
  • Improve your industry connections and knowledge at our Networking events and CDP Seminars

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  • Partnership Options
    There are many ways in which Designer Connections can 'connect' quality, unique suppliers and manufacturers with specifiers of your products. These include (but are not limited to) our UK wide Designer Meets Supplier events, our CPD Platform and professional introductions.

    Our events cover every major area and creative hub in the UK & Ireland; so should you wish to have your products or service specified on a local, national or international basis we can help. Contact us for more information.

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    Upcoming Events
    We have a host of events each year which are created to develop you and your business. From CPD seminars and our Designer Meets Supplier events to recruitment fairs we will have something to suit you and your business, whether you're an Interior Designer, Architect or supplier.

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    Design Innovation Forum

    Connecting Brilliance

    Taking place across a number of UK cities, our Design Innovation Forum event is an incredibly valuable day for Interior Designers, Architects and suppliers of products and services for the built environment.

    Busy design and build professionals can save much time by condensing into a few short hours:

    • Supplier speed meetings
    • Networking luncheon
    • 2 x CPD seminars
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    CPD Seminars

    Connected to Knowledge

    Designer Connections is pleased to be able to provide a platform of monthly
    CPD seminars across the UK and Ireland. Delivered by our partners, the
    seminars will cover an incredibly broad range of subjects which will increase
    the knowledge base of attending Interior Designers and Architects.

    If you’re interested in continuing your professional development and keeping
    up to date with the latest solutions and in your industry our CPD
    platform can nuke you a more well rounded and proficient designer or Architect.


    Get Connected

    Do you have a product or service the design and built industry needs to know about? Are you interested in connecting with more Interior Designers, Architects and Property Developers?

    Why not get in touch for a brief chat, we would be delighted to provide information on our partnership options.

    Powered by Designer Connections, MyDesignHub.Com is a resource website for Interior Designers, Architects and ‘Design and Build’ product specifiers. Design professionals utilise our platform to learn of new design options and suppliers, search for products and inspiration for Architectural and Interior projects, and expand their knowledge to continue their professional development via digital CPD seminars and educational content.

    Conceived to educate, inspire and to keep our A&D community up to date with the latest standards, trends and product ranges, MyDesignHub.Com is the perfect digital platform for Manufacturers and Suppliers wishing to be connected to desirable construction ‘buyers’.

    If your business has a desire to be specified by Interior Designers, Architects and Construction Buyers we’d love it if you’d join us; you’ll be in great company!

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